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Bay Area Portrait Photographer

Specializing in maternity, couples, newborn, children's milestones, first birthdays, family, and individual portraiture. 

When you book a session with me, I will get to know you, get a sense of who you are, and your vision for your images. Our session will be fun, full of conversation, and laughs. Building a connection with you is important to me so that you feel comfortable with me as your photographer, allowing you to feel more relaxed during the photo session. In return your portraits will be natural, reflecting who you truly are. 

I want every image to be one of a kind to fit your personality and style. I work tirelessly during the entire process to create a final product that you will love so that you will proudly walk away with a piece of art that will be hung up on your walls and cherished forever.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best!





Hello All!


I have been photographing people for 6+ years now. All my life I have had an immense passion for practicing various forms of art, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and so on.  While studying Visual Culture and Art Practice at UC Berkeley, I took a photography course and I haven’t put my camera down since. I approach every photo session from the perspective of an artist with a fine art background. Therefore, I consider how different colors evoke different emotions, as well as what colors complement each other to create an image that is more appealing. I have also learned that certain angles help to make the viewer feel as if they are actually in your picture, which makes an image more enjoyable to look at.  As an artist, I also have a vast imagination. For your shoot, I will come up with creative concepts after hearing what your vision is.  When requested, I have customized props that have been sewn, painted, and/or built from the ground up.


I love photographing people because it has been one of the only art forms that have allowed me to help and connect with others. For instance, I love taking pictures of a pregnant woman who isn’t feeling very excited about capturing her new curves. I love to encourage her to celebrate her curves because her baby is growing healthy in her stomach. I also love to come into a family’s home and see their dynamics, then photograph moments that celebrates their love for each other to remind them of how blessed they are.


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Christal Thomas 
Assistant Photographer
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